Brussels South Charleroi Airport in chaos due to security guards’ strike

At Charleroi Airport, also known as Brussels South Airport, a great chaos has ensued as passengers were unable to enter due to a strike by security guards since Monday, while some were forcibly trying to pass through the gate to catch their flight.

According to reports in the Belgian press, personnel of the private security company "Security Masters" launched a strike against the airport management's decision to split the security checks business into two companies.

On Monday, many passengers missed their flights due to the action of the security guards protesting the possibility of losing their wages and other rights due to the competition, and the airport was closed to all outgoing passengers after 4 p.m. (1400GMT) local time.

As the strike continued Tuesday, some passengers tried to force their way through the front door in the morning and the police sent reinforcements to the scene.

Some airlines have started diverting their flights to the main airport in Brussels.

Flights to Ucda, Majorca, and Rabat are currently redirected, while passengers are informed via SMS.

Source: Anadolu Agency