British premier pledges action on key issues, from cost of living to irregular migration

The government will always reflect people’s priorities, said the UK prime minister on Wednesday, pledging to find solutions to economic and health issues as well as irregular migration woes.

In a speech on his priorities for the new year, Rishi Sunak touched on the challenges British people are currently facing and said his government will fix the economy, reduce waits for National Health Service care, and tackle the problem of irregular migration boats.

Sunak also said that halving inflation, boosting economic growth, and reducing debt are among his priorities.

"We must have the courage to change," he said, stressing the need to change the way the country works.

He said that he will set out the government's plans on each of the priority areas.

"Your priorities are my priorities. Together, we will build a better future," added Sunak.

Source: Anadolu Agency