Bomb Attack in Antep

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An explosion has occurred yesterday (May 1) in front of Antep Police Department. Gunshots have been heard following the attack carried out by a bomb-laden car.

Antep Governor Ali Yerlikaya has announced that a police officer has lost his life in the attack. Over another officer losing his life in the evening hours, the death toll has risen to two.

23 persons 19 of whom were police officers have been injured in the attack.

It has been reported that three assaulters including a suicide bomber have carried out the attack.

Paramedic and firefighter teams have been dispatched to the area. The windows of the surrounding buildings have been broken. The explosion took place on a central spot in the city where public institutions are located.

The point where the attack took place is close to the area where May 1 celebrations to be held and closed to traffic.

The march column would gather at 10 a.m. for May 1 celebrations, and the May 1 meeting would be held at İstasyon Square at 11 a.m.

Following the incident, a light commercial vehicle with broken windows is being searched. All roads to the area have been blocked for security purposes.

A house raid was conducted in Cumhuriyet neighborhood of Antep following the incident. Detentions took place in the raids reportedly conducted against Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS). (AS/TK)