Berlin won’t rule out delivery of tanks to Ukraine: Government spokesman

A German government spokesman on Monday said Berlin would not rule out the delivery of Leopard combat tanks to Ukraine to fight off Russian forces but stressed that no decision has not been made yet.

“The federal (German) government does not rule out that they supply Leopard tanks. It hasn't decided yet if it will do so. That's why there's this constant coordination among one another,” Steffen Hebestreit told a press briefing in Berlin.

He stressed that Germany is “not isolated” on the issue of sending Leopard tanks, saying that several countries, including Spain and Denmark, supported Berlin’s cautious stance on the issue.

Hebestreit also denied German press reports alleging tensions between the US and Germany over the issue.

He stressed that ongoing talks with the US are in fact constructive as Chancellor Olaf Scholz continues to advocate very close coordination with Washington.

Top-selling daily Bild on Sunday reported that the US was deeply upset about Berlin’s hesitancy to deliver Leopard tanks when they met on Friday at the US Ramstein air base in southwestern Germany.

Germany plays a key role in the debate because the Leopard 2 tanks were made in Germany. As a rule, the transfer of armaments from German production to third parties must be approved by Berlin.

Poland and Finland have said they are ready to deliver Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine.

Source: Anadolu Agency