Bar Association: ‘Mines and Explosives Around Dersim Should Immediately be Cleared’

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Citing the governorship statement that said the explosive was an improvised explosive device, the bar association noted that the type of the explosive will be revealed after the judicial inquiry and they will follow the process.

The bar association drew attention to the problem of unexploded ordnance in Dersim area.

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“There are 10,557 landmines/anti-personnel mines in Tunceli [Dersim], according to the report that our country submitted to the United Nations in 2004. Let’s make an assessment: apart from border provinces, the province where the highest number of mines exist in Turkey is Tunceli.

“The provisions of the Ottawa Convention which our country is a party to should be carried out and these anti-personnel mines should be destroyed and the necessary measures that stem from both the convention and our law should be taken.

“When the increase in the activities of transhumance, husbandry and beekeeping is taken into consideration, mines and ‘free explosives’ (mortar shells, hand grenades, etc.) in the region should be rapidly cleared to ensure the safety of life and property.

“As the bar association, we state that we will be against every violation of the right to life and denounce those who destroy our right to life and cause two lives to end.” (EKN/VK)