Austria vows to support Bulgaria in fighting irregular migration

Austria vowed Monday to support Bulgaria in fighting irregular migration.

Noting that the protection of external borders should be a priority for the entire European Union, Austrian Chancellor Karl Nehammer said his county is aware that Bulgaria faces a difficult situation with the flow of irregular migration, according to the state-run news agency BTA.

He was speaking following a meeting with Bulgarian Prime Minister Galab Donev in the capital Sofia.

Drawing attention to the effects of irregular migration on Austria and the expansion of the Schengen area by including Bulgaria and Romania, which was vetoed by Vienna last December, he said “there are problems in the Schengen area, and we want to draw attention to this. When it comes to expanding the Schengen area with another external border, these borders must be reliably protected.”

Against this background, Nehammer maintained that the European Commission should allocate more funds for the protection of external borders.

“We hope to get support from the commission because this is about solidarity. Protecting the Bulgarian external border also means protecting the Austrian border," he added.

Source: Anadolu Agency