Attack on CHP’s Election Campaign Tent

The election campaign tent of main opposition CHP has been attacked twice in the district of Buyukcekmece. As CHP Buyukcekmece District Chair GAlkbulak has filed a criminal complaint, an investigation has been launched into the incident.

The election campaign tent of the main opposition Republican People's Party (CHP) in the district of Buyukcekmece in Istanbul was subjected to two consecutive attacks last evening (May 30).

As reported by daily Evrensel, the incident took place in Buyukcekmece Coast. The assaulters first battered a young person from the CHP, then they tore down the election campaign tent of the party set up in the district ahead of Istanbul repeat elections on June 23.

A group of people verbally harassed the ones working at the election stand of the CHP in Buyukcekmece. After D.E.working at the party stand reacted against these harassments, he was battered by the group.

An hour later, an assaulter came to the CHP election stand again with a sharp object and tore down the election campaign tent of the party.

Investigation launched into the attack

It has been reported that after CHP Buyukcekmece District Chair Huseyin Remzi GAlkbulak filed a criminal complaint regarding the incident, an investigation has been launched into the attack.

Commenting on the incident, CHP Istanbul Provincial Chair Canan Kaftancioglu has made the following remarks:

"It is very sad that such a provocative attack occurred in a place where all political parties open stands and campaign for the elections.

"The perpetrators of this attack are the members of the political power who do their worst to set people against each other as enemies. The statements of this mentality that declares everyone who does not support them as 'terrorists' unfortunately destroy our social peace."

Source: English Bianet