Arrested for Battering His Girlfriend, Defendant GAlcmen Released

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  • January 6, 2020
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Having battered his girlfriend in car and driven the car into the people lashing out at him in Istanbul in 2018, defendant GAlrkem Sertac GAlcmen has been released from prison.

Arrested for battering his girlfriend in car and driving the car into the people who reacted against him in Istanbul in 2018, GAlrkem Sertac GAlcmen stood trial at the BakirkAly 9th Heavy Penal Court today (January 6).

The court board has ruled that GAlrkem Sertac GAlcmen shall be released from prison, imposing bi-weekly judicial control measures on him.

Charging him with "damage to property", "attempted wilful murder", "injury" and "actual bodily harm", the indictment demanded that the defendant be sentenced to 14 years to 32 years in prison.

GAlrkem Sertac GAlcmen, the son of prosecutor Alpay GAlcmen and former judge Aynur GAlcmen, has also been standing trial on the allegation that he fired a pump rifle at the residences of judges and prosecutors in AtakAly, Istanbul on September 6, 2017.

After his son was put on trial, his mother Aynur GAlcmen resigned from her post as a judge and started working as an attorney so that she could represent her son at court.

From the indictment

The bill of indictment issued by the BakirkAly Chief Public Prosecutor's Office has shared the following details about the day of incident:

"When G.S.G. and his girlfriend A.A. came in front of a shopping mall in BakirkAly, they started having a quarrel inside the vehicle. Meanwhile, G. slapped A.A. in the face and she opened the window of the vehicle, shouting 'Let go of me.' The citizens in the vicinity came near the vehicle and lashed out at G. Getting off his car, G. hit and injured Zisan Mert Durmus with his hand and got back on his vehicle. While G. was trying to leave the scene of incident, Zisan Mert Durmus called out to others 'Why don't you help?' Stopping the vehicle, G. came back to the scene of incident on foot to injure Zisan Mert Durmus.

"Seeing that G. came back, the citizens injured G. in a way that could not be treated with a simple medical intervention. Cebrail Sik made G. get back on his vehicle again. After he got back on his vehicle, G. drove the vehicle into the people who reacted against him and Cebrail Sik. Getting away from the vehicle, Cebrail Sik rushed to the sidewalk. Changing the direction of the vehicle again, G. drove into Cebrail Sik and wounded Sik by driving him between the parked vehicle of Ahmet Seven and the vehicle that he was driving.

"Afterwards, G. continued driving his vehicle towards the sidewalk again and wounded other complainants standing on the sidewalk. G. left the scene of incident and dropped off his girlfriend A.A. near the BakirkAly Yeni Mahalle Mosque. Afterwards, he returned to the scene of incident with his two friends.

Getting off the vehicle with his two friends, G. took an unidentifiable object from the back of his vehicle, walked alone towards Zisan Mert Durmus, injured her by hitting her on the head with the object and a commotion ensued. When Soner Coban and Abdulkerim Kapan took G. out of the crowd and brought back to the vehicle, the police intervened. Preventing the citizens from lynching G., the police took G. to the Kartaltepe Police Station."

Source: English Bianet