Arrest Warrant for the Person Who Battered a Child in İstanbul

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  • May 2, 2019
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* Photograph: AA / Archive

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An arrest warrant has been issued for the person who battered an 11-year-old child in İstanbul on the ground that he threw plum stones at his car.

The person named U.Ö. was previously released on probation by the İstanbul Anatolian 5th Penal Judgeship of Peace on Duty.

The Anatolian Chief Public Prosecutor’s Office objected to the verdict of release of the judgeship on duty. After the objection of the Prosecutor’s Office has been accepted, an arrest warrant has been issued against U.Ö.

What happened?

On April 28, 2019, a video came out showing the suspect U.Ö. battering an 11-year-old child for having thrown plum stones at his car. Two days later, on April 30, he was taken into custody. Deposing to the Prosecutor’s Office on Duty, U.Ö. was referred to court to be arrested on charges of “false imprisonment” and “injuring a child who cannot defend oneself.”

The İstanbul Anatolian 5th Penal Judgeship” of Peace on Duty rejected the request for arrest of the Prosecutor’s Office and ruled for his release with judicial control measures of house arrest and international travel ban.

It was reported that U.Ö. made the following statement at court:

“Children threw stones at my car and I was outraged. I stopped the car and caught one of the children. I slapped him in the face for a few times. I asked him where the others were. When he told me they might be in the woods, I started walking towards the forest. Then, I heard a woman shouting. I was going toilet them go anyway. I deeply regret it. I did not intend to abduct the child. I request my release pending trial.” (AÖ/SD)