Armed Attack Against HDP ?stanbul Office

Releasing a statement about the armed attack, HDP Istanbul Press Commission has indicated that seven shots were fired and the person who fired the shots escaped to the Beyoglu Security Directorate and Governorship on the same street.

An armed attack was launched against the Istanbul Provincial Office of the Peoples' Democratic Party (HDP) at around 3 p.m. today (January 15).

In a statement released by the HDP Istanbul Press Office, it has been announced that an armed attack was carried out by unidentified person or persons. Indicating that seven shots were fired, the statement has read:

"While, fortunately, no one has got wounded in the attack, the crime scene investigation teams are making observations in our provincial building. We have been informed that the person who fired the shots escaped to the Beyoglu Security Directorate and Sub-Governorship located on the same street with our building and that he is currently held there.

"Our party buildings were also subjected to similar attacks by gangs before. With this attack, they want to frighten and intimidate our party executives and members as well as our people.

"We will show our democratic reaction against these fascist and partisan attacks to the end. With this aim, we will make a statement for the press with the participation of our MPs, executives and people in front of our provincial building at 4.30 p.m. today."

Statement by Istanbul Governorship

Releasing a statement about the incident, the Governorship of Istanbul has indicated that "a suspect named M.S.H. fired shots in the air and he was caught and taken into custody by the teams of Beyoglu Directorate of Security." A legal investigation has been launched into the attack.

Source: English Bianet