Anti-Semites are our enemies – Salvini

(ANSA) - Rome- Matteo Salvini, the leader of the rightwing League party, said Thursday that he was against all anti-Semitism, no matter what side of the political spectrum it comes from. "The anti-Semitism of a certain traditional part of the right and a certain part of the left is our enemy," Salvini said.

"We are duty bound to combat those who say the Jews are the Nazis of today.

"There are those who think that within Islamic world but also within certain parts of Europe.

"We have an EU that denies its Judeo-Christian roots and labels Israel products, a UN that in 2018 condemned Israel with 18 resolutions but did not adopt even one against Iran, and Turkey is a problem. "Those who want to wipe out Israel have us as opponents now and always.

"Those who want it to be destroyed are anti-Semitic and should be challenged.

"Hatred towards Italy has already done too much damage in history".

Source: ANSA News Agency