Animal Rights Watch Committee: Thousands of Animals Tormented, Only 572 People Fined

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The Animal Rights Watch Committee (HAKİM) has stated that thousands of animals were tormented in 2018, yet only 572 people were fined.

HAKİM shared the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry' response to its application regarding the sanctions against the animal rights violations.

"While extremely horrible news reports of animal torture are reflected on the press and the social media every day, only 572 people were sentenced to an administrative fine upon the Animal Protection Law because of maltreatment of animals," the HAKİM said.

"These sanctions cannot be called punishment"

HAKİM's Coordinator Burak Özgüner said that the perpetrators have not been identified and that the sanctions against them cannot be seen as "punishment":

"While unbelievable reports of tormenting came from everywhere in 2018, only 572 people being fined shows that this reality of Turkey is being ignored. In 2018, fine for torturing an animal or sexual violence against animals were 625 liras (~114 USD).

"Perpetrators have not been identified, the sanctions cannot be called a punishment. Those 572 people, after carrying out acts of torture openly against the dogs, the cats, which are most visible to us, faced pretty insufficient administrative sanctions.

"With dogs and cats, animals from many species are subjected to systematic cruelty. Don't those animals which are not under our noses have a life? I definitely don't think that we can solve the problem of violence against animals by ignoring the horrible conditions they are in."

"These people should be isolated from the society"

"I once again remind our demand that the sentence for offenses of torture and rape against animals should be an undeferred prison sentence.

"These people should be isolated from the society, prevented from harming animals. There is not anybody who did not hear our demands but we will repeat those at the Grand National Assembly of Turkey's (TBMM) Animal Rights Research Commission." (AÖ)


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