Americans need break from families during holiday season after less than 4 hours: SurveyTexas

Millions of Americans are traveling for the holidays to see family only to find out that it will need less than four hours before they want to take a break from their loved ones, according to a Motel 6 survey released Tuesday.

The survey polled 2,000 adults traveling to visit family for the holidays and found that 75% "will hit a point where they need time away from the crowd."

Twenty-five percent surveyed said they have hidden in a relative's house to take a moment alone and 37% said they had made an excuse to leave the house altogether.

Even though 95% of respondents believe it is important to spend the holidays with family, two in five (40%) disclosed that it can be a stressful experience.

Nearly one-third (30%) believed they would enjoy the holiday season more if they could attend family get-togethers without everyone “sleeping under the same roof.”

Thirty percent of respondents also admitted their family would get along better "if they had some space."

"Family dynamics aren't the only stressors this time of year," said Motel 6 CEO Rob Palleschi.

The survey showed that two of the top reasons Americans stay with family during the holidays are because it is "cheaper and more convenient."

But it also said a lack of space is a big reason for family discomfort, revealing that an average of two people will end up sleeping on something other than a bed.

That anxiety translates into nearly 40% of respondents saying organizing sleeping arrangements is one of the most stressful parts of preparing for guests.

The survey pointed out that cramped conditions lead to even more concerns: lack of privacy (22%), family getting on each other's nerves (20%), drama between family members (20%), feeling like they're imposing (19%) and having the house be too loud or busy (18%).

"No matter how you travel, the experience itself can be a source of anxiety for many," said Palleschi.

Source: Anadolu Agency