Alternative Present Campaign for Mother’s Day

WWF Turkey continues its "species adoption campaign," calling people to symbolically adopt one of the nine species facing extinction.

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Turkey calls people ahead of May 12 Mother's Day to symbolically adopt an endangered species to ensure all the living beings to live in their ecologically, economically and culturally natural environments.

WWF Turkey's campaign includes nine endangered species: sea turtles, pandas, dolphins, cranes, polar bears, lions, tigers, groupers, jungle cats, and orangutans.

WWF Turkey offers three different options as Mother's Day present, for 50 liras, 100 liras and 150 liras (1 dollar= 6.09 Turkish lira)

About WWF Turkey

WWF Turkey (Natural Life Conservation Foundation) was founded in 1996 under the leadership of the Natural Life Conservation Association. It was given the title, "WWF-Turkey" as the national organization for Turkey in 2001.

It aims to stop the human-induced threats such as climate change and the unsustainable consumption of the natural resources.

Source: English Bianet