Albanian court upholds extradition of fugitive crypto exchange founder to Türkiye

The Durres Court of Appeals in Albania upheld a decision to extradite to Türkiye the founder of the crypto exchange Thodex.

Faruk Fatih Ozer, 27, the founder of Thodex, sought on charges of fraud and founding a criminal organization, fled Türkiye last year and left investors unable to get their funds.

Türkiye issued an international arrest warrant after he fled with a reported $2 billion in money investors poured into Thodex.

In November this year, the Elbasan Court of First Instance decided the extradition of Ozer, who was arrested in Albania in August.

On Dec. 7, he filed a petition to the Durres Court of Appeals against the extradition ruling.

After Friday’s ruling, Ozer has the right to appeal to the Albanian Supreme Court.

Source: Anadolu Agency