After scorching summer, parts of Spain continue breaking heat records

After the hottest summer on record, parts of Spain continue breaking records for hottest-ever temperatures in October, Spanish meteorological agency AEMET said on Wednesday.

Data shows that on Tuesday, Granada saw the highest temperature on record for October, 35.3 degrees Celsius (95.54 degrees Fahrenheit). Jerez de la Frontera also registered its hottest October night, with the mercury remaining above 22.4 C (72.3 F).

With temperatures 2.9 C (37.2 F) above average across Spain, AEMET says this month has been the second-hottest October ever, only surpassed by the same period in 2017.

Provisional data from AEMET suggests that in 2022, Spain has seen 25 days with record heat – five times more than usual.

The risk of forest fires remains high across much of the Iberian Peninsula, and drought haunts much of the country.

Meanwhile, Spain’s Environment Ministry said on Tuesday that the country’s water reserves are just 31.4% full — the lowest level in 30 years.

Although the record heat and drought may be worrying symptoms of climate change, millions of Spanish residents have not yet had to start heating their homes.

This means lower demand for natural gas than expected for this month, experts told Spanish digital daily NIUS.

However, meteorologists say Spain’s “nearly eternal summer” will end in the coming days.

The first named storm – Armand – is forecast to hit Spain from Wednesday, bringing heavy rains, strong winds and lower temperatures to much of the Iberian Peninsula.

And while the storm may mean it is finally time to turn on household heating, experts say the wind and rain will help generate renewable energy while hopefully alleviating the situation of looming water scarcity.

Source: Anadolu Agency