62nd Access Block on Sendika.Org News Website Lifted

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An access block has been imposed on the Sendika.Org news website by the Information and Communication Technologies Authority (BTK).

The website has announced the access block as follows:

"After the 61st access block imposed on August 23, 2017, access to our website was again blocked as per the decision of the Information and Communication Technologies Authority (BTK) yesterday (December 5).

"In the face of the 62nd futile censorship of the BTK, we continue publishing our news with the internet address Sendika63.Org."

Decision of access block lifted

In its statement, the website also indicated that after the decision was announced, its attorneys made all necessary formal objections.

However, when the attorneys visited the web page of the BTK for the related decision of the authority, they realized that the decision had not been published on the website.

Having seen that no access block decisions had been published in relation with sendika.org, the website has written that the decision of access block has been lifted by the BTK.


According to the BİA Media Monitoring Report, in July-August-September 2018, the access to at least 2,528 news reports or their links was prohibited especially by the rulings of Penal Judgeships of Peace of local courts.

They were publishing news on Sendika62.Org

Before the last access block on the website on December 5, the Sendika.Org had been using the internet address "sendika62.org" for 1.5 years.

Sendika.Org stated that these access blocks were against the Constitution and appealed against them to separate penal judgeships of peace.

Upon the rejection of its appeals, Sendika.Org applied to the Constitutional Court, objecting to all of the previous 61 decisions of access block. The website has still been expecting the verdict of the Constitutional Court. (AS/SD)


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