58% of Sexual Harassment Cases Take Place at Education Institutions

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The most sexual harassment cases took place at schools. While girls and boys constitute76% of the victims, 24% were grown up women.

According to the male violence report compiled by bianet from local and national newspapers, news sites, and agencies, 29 harassment cases covered by media in March. In total 84 women and children (girls-boys) were exposed to harassment in 19 cities.

58% of the harassment reports appearing in media have taken place in school, study center, Quran course, and juvenile rehabilitation centers.

41% of the harassers were teachers of the victims.

The harassers weren’t limited to teachers; servants at schools, shuttle drivers, other students, one imam at a quran course, one kindergarten staff took place among the harassers (they constitute 17% of the harassers).

%31 are boys, %69 are girls

Harassment reports came from education instutitions from 14 cities in March. (Adana (2), Antalya (2), Artvin (1), Aydın (1), Bursa (1), Çanakkale (1), Denizli (1), Hatay (1), İstanbul (1), İzmir (1), Karaman (2), Konya (1), Osmaniye (1), Sivas (1).

In total 64 students were exposed to harassment in 17 incidents from 14 cities.

Boys constitute 31% of the students who are subjected to harassment while girls constituted 69%.

Seven of the 17 harassers arrested

Seven of the perpetrators from 17 harassment incidents against students have been arrested. Three perpetrators harassing at least eight students have been released on conditions of trial without arrest (two teachers and one vice principal).

One middle-school teacher who has been released on conditions of trial without arrest was harassing five girl students aged around 14 via sexually explicit photos and messages.

A voice record belonging to a high-school vice principle who has also been released on conditions of trial without arrest has come out saying to his student, “You are in your puberty. You as well may have sexual needs, I can meet them”.

It has been uncovered by school counselor that another teacher to be tried without arrest physically harassed two of his students and constantly sent text messages, and that their grades lowered and psychology negatively affected.

Teachers had constituted 11% of the harassers in 2015

According to male violence report prepared by bianet;

Teachers and instructors had constituted 11% of the harassers in 2015. Incidents of 24 harassment and one rape appeared in media in 2015 male violence report.

12.85% of the harassment cases covered by media had taken place at schools and private teaching instutitions. Cases of 14 harassment and one rape by teachers had appeared in 2014 male violence report. (ÇT/TK)