508 Years Prison Sentence in Child Abuse Trial in Karaman

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The suspect M.B. has been sentenced to 508 years of prison in the trial as to 10 children in Karaman being exposed to sexual violence.

In the trial held before Karaman High Criminal Court, M.B. was being accused of sexually abusing 10 boys staying in the dorms and houses of Ensar Foundation and Karaman Anatolian Religious Vocational High School (KAİMDER).

The court has penalized the suspect on charges of “qualified sexual abuse of the child”, “threatening liberty”, “willful injury” and “watching obscene footages”.

Emrah Kırımsoy from Gündem Children’s Foundation has noted that it was essential that the crime did not go unpunished yet that a sense of justice has not been perceived.

“Three subjects are very important.

“The first one is the efficient investigation, second is the perpetrator not going unpunished and the third is taking measures to avoid the incident occur again.

“There is a punishment in the decision yet it does not affect the chain of responsibility.

“No verdict has been rendered to provide that all public institutions both take measures and be under inspection.

“The investigation should have been deepened and cover all responsible persons and institutions”. (YY/DG)