449 Detentions in ‘Social Media Operation’

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The Ministry of Interior has announced that 449 people have been detained due to their social media posts about Afrin operation.

According to the announcement released on the ministry's official website, 124 people, who attended protest demonstrations about the offensive, have been detained since January 20.

Charge: "Terrorism propaganda"

It was stated in the ministry's statement that these people are charged with "'propagandizing for terrorism' on social media with respect to the Operation Olive Branch".

934 accounts, 260 legal proceedings

Following statement took place concerning the detentions that occurred from January 29 to February 5:

"An inspection was performed against 934 social media account, which propagandize for the terrorist organization, promote these organizations, incite people to enmity and hostility, insult state officials, attempt against indivisible integrity of the state and life safety of the society, and legal actions have been taken against 260 people".

At least 34 people were arrested due to their social media posts from January 20 when the operation began to February 1. (AS/TK)


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