408 ships haul 9.2M tons of grain via Black Sea grain corridor

More than 9.2 million tons of grain have been carried by 408 ships via the Black Sea grain corridor Türkiye helped broker earlier this year in a bid to avert a potential food crisis amid the Russia-Ukraine war.

The first ship laden with grain departed on Aug.1 from the Ukrainian port of Odesa -- one of three that resumed exports under the deal signed by Türkiye, the UN, Russia, and Ukraine on July 22 -- as a result of talks between Turkish National Defense Minister Hulusi Akar and the other parties.

Since then, 408 ships have left Ukrainian ports as of Saturday, while the amount of grain shipped, which includes wheat, corn, and barley, has exceeded 9.2 million tons, according to sources from the Turkish Ministry of National Defense.

A total of 195 ships have so far reached authorized ports.

Europe has received 47% of the grain, while Asia got 20%, Türkiye 16%, Africa 13%, and the Middle East 4%.

Source: Anadolu Agency