3 die as building collapses in Kenya

Three people were confirmed dead on Monday by authorities in Kenya after a six-story building collapsed.


Speaking to the media in Kiambu county, authorities said that rescue efforts are underway, adding that a mother and her children were among those confirmed dead in the collapse that happened within the Nairobi Metropolitan Region, located 14 km (8 miles) from the capital Nairobi.


Kiambu County Police Commander Perminius Kioi told reporters that “scores who have been injured have been taken to hospital, so far three have been confirmed dead”.


All of those who are trapped was in a residential building located next to the collapsed building.


Kioi added that efforts are currently underway with a search and rescue team involving locals, and rescue teams from agencies such as the Red Cross and the Kenya Defense Forces.


The Kenyan capital Nairobi has witnessed frequent building collapses in recent years, with the government putting the blame on the innocent deaths on corrupt Nairobi county officials who take bribes and ignore mandatory inspections.


Such buildings are constructed by unqualified labors with substandard materials and poor structural designs.


In 2019, 42 people died in Nairobi after a six-story building collapsed.


From 2019 to 2022, dozens have died in separate incidences of collapsed buildings in Kenya, which have been blamed on poor workmanship.


Source: Anadolu Agency