2019 LOCAL ELECTIONS: AKP’s Appeal of Cancellation in Büyükçekmece District Rejected

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  • April 5, 2019
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An appeal by the Büyükçekmece District Chairpersonship of the ruling Justice and Development Party (AKP) for the cancellation of the local election results in the district has been rejected by the İstanbul Provincial Council.

AKP stated in its petition that the irregular voter records are on a degree to influence the outcome of the elections.

“The appeal has been made only for Büyükçekmece”

AKP Deputy Chair Ali İhsan Yavuz said in a statement that the appeal of cancellation has been made only for Büyükçekmece, not for the entire İstanbul.

Earlier reports in the media said that AKP appealed for the cancellation of the elections in İstanbul.

Yavuz said that first the Büyükçekmece District Election Council, and then the İstanbul Provincial Election Council rejected their appeals.

After a rejection by a provincial council, parties can appeal at the Supreme Election Council (YSK), the highest institution for the elections.

“YSK is also one of the ways to go. Our colleagues will be preoccupied with this and will make a decision. We haven’t gone to the YSK right now.

“What happened in Büyükçekmece is not conceivable. Numbers over 20 thousand are being mentioned. This is an irregularity that was done before the elections. It looks like an organized work. The number is also very high.”

CHP: “They intend to steal the elections”

The main opposition Republican People’s Party (AKP) Spokesperson Faik Öztrak has held a press conference, commenting on AKP’s appeal in Büyükçekmece.

Asking why there was a meeting at the Dolmabahçe Palace in İstanbul with the participation of the president and ministers, Öztrak said, “It is understood that a plan has been made.”

“The Provincial Election Council does not approve such a request. But it is understood that such a scenario has begun to be written in minds.

“Those who saw that they cannot win the election with the invalid votes now attempting to cancel the elections.

“What have been experienced clearly show that those who could not steal votes at the polls now intend to steal the elections.”

“İmamoğlu should be given mandate”

“I want to share the figures from the morning: [After the recounts] in 17 districts, out of 119,652 invalid votes, 2,184 votes has been recorded for AKP, and 785 votes have been recorded for İmamoğlu [Ekrem, the candidate of CHP].

“The difference is 18,742 and it is not a gap that can be closed under normal conditions. Mr. İmamoğlu should get mandate. We respect everyone’s rights but we don’t make others steal our rights.” (EKN/VK)