20 Thousand Mines Destroyed at Turkey-Iran Border

20,000 mines have been destroyed at the eastern border of Turkey as part of a de-mining project funded by the EU. Head of EU Delegation to Turkey Berger has indicated that the EU will continue supporting Turkey's efforts to de-mine its border.

The European Union (EU) Delegation to Turkey has announced that the second phase of the EU-funded de-mining project has been completed. Around 20,000 mines have been destroyed at Turkey-Iran border.

The project, implemented by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), has also built up the capacities of the Turkish Mine Action Centre (TURMAC), as an investment in Turkey's ability to fulfil its obligations under the Anti-Personnel Mine-Ban Treaty (Ottawa Convention).

Results of the project

The results of the 13.5-million Euro demining project, with an EU contribution of Euros 10 million, have been indicated as follows:

Physical demining of state border areas in the Agri Province, leading to land release of the cleared areas for humane border management and socio-economic activities;

Support for a review of Turkey's national mine action strategy, and development of guidelines on land release;

Training on conducting non-technical de-mining surveys, border management risk analysis, and a study visit to the European Border and Coast Guard Agency for the Turkish Mine Action Centre.

EU will continue support Turkey's de-mining efforts

Head of EU Delegation to Turkey Ambassador Christian Berger has announced that the EU has recently allocated an additional 18.5 million Euro for a follow up demining project.

Within this framework, the EU will continue supporting Turkey's efforts to demine its state border in view of its commitments under the Mine-Ban treaty. This upcoming initiative will also finance additional capacity-building actions for TURMAC as well as an awareness campaign on the dangers of mined areas in schools.

Source: English Bianet