118 YPG/PKK terrorists neutralized in Turkey

Turkey neutralized 118 YPG/PKK terrorists in operations across nine provinces to thwart their planned winter offensive, the country's Interior Ministry said on Thursday.

Turkish authorities often use the term "neutralized" in statements to imply the terrorists in question surrendered or were killed or captured.

A large number of weapon emplacements, shelters and caves were destroyed by the Turkish forces in the operations, the ministry said in a statement.

Some 130 long-barreled guns, 180 hand grenades, 17,871 ammunition, 27,534 kilograms (60,702 pounds) of explosive material, 10 rocket launchers, 232 rocket launchers ammunition were seized.

In its more than 30-year terror campaign against Turkey, the PKK -- listed as a terrorist organization by Turkey, the U.S. and the EU -- has been responsible for the deaths of 40,000 people, including women, children and infants. The terrorist YPG is the PKK's Syrian branch.

Source: Anadolu Agency