1 in 2 French people want ‘social explosion,’ ‘new protest movement’: Survey

As the details of the French government's controversial new pension reform plan become clearer, a poll found that 52% of those asked said they would like to see France experience a "social explosion" in the coming months with the rise of a "Yellow Vests-type movement.”

This is the conclusion of a survey conducted Thursday by the French polling institute Ifop, which also found that 79% of the respondents also consider the scenario of an imminent "social explosion" including a new protest movement, to be realistic.

It is the second highest figure ever recorded by the polling institute since it was founded in 1998.

Only in November 2020 was the figure higher, at 85%. At that time, it was due to the government's strict coronavirus restrictions, including a second lockdown.

According to the latest survey, 48% of French people are "outraged" over the country’s economic and social situation.

Some 32% declared that they are "resigned" to the situation, while only 18% said they are "confident."

Source: Anadolu Agency