‘Georgia’s integration with EU is irreversible’

Georgia is continuing its efforts for EU integration with determination, said the country’s foreign minister on Wednesday.

“Our integration to the EU is an irreversible process,” David Zalkaliani told reporters after seeing off Charles Michel, the president of the EU Council, who was in the country for an official visit.

On some opposition parties’ refusal to sign a reconciliation agreement drafted by Michel, he underlined the EU’s positive role in the country.

“This shows us once again that the EU is an essential partner for Georgia,” he added.

Zalkliani also reiterated that the country plans to apply for full EU membership in 2024, so bolder steps should be taken to achieve this membership goal.

-European Council-led agreement

Under an agreement brokered by Michel during his visit, a number of persons the opposition calls political prisoners and those arrested in 2019 during protests against the Russian delegation in the capital Tbilisi are set to be released.

It also calls for early general elections in 2022 if Georgian Dream, the ruling party, gets less than 43% of the votes in this year’s local elections.

In addition, the next parliamentary elections are set to be held with a 2% threshold with a fully proportional system, and the opposition will participate with more representatives in the election commissions.

It envisages making judicial reforms with parliament’s contributions as well as the electing the heads of parliamentary committees from among the opposition.

The agreement caused discord among the opposition Monday, with some parties reluctant to sign the agreement due to the country’s ongoing political crisis.

Source: Anadolu Agency

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