XCMG’s Nine Signature Products Take Center Stage at M&T Expo

SAO PAULO, Brazil, June 17, 2015 / PRNewswire — XCMG, the world’s fifth largest engineering machinery company, stole the show when it attended M&T Expo 2015, one of the world’s largest exhibitions for the mining and engineering industries, in San Paulo, Brazil on June 9, where it received orders for 108 machines, making it the most successful Chinese company at the show.

XCMG%20cranes XCMGs Nine Signature Products Take Center Stage at M&T Expo

XCMG cranes working at Arena Fonte Nova, a World Cup venue in Salvador.

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In its twelfth year showcasing at M&T, the company unveiled nine new products, including cranes, loaders, rollers, graders, excavators, mining trucks, horizontal directional drills and elevating platforms, especially customized to local markets, and accredited with Brazil’s FINAME certification, which no other Chinese company has managed to obtain.

“The huge orders we got at the exhibition are really a gift for the first anniversary of XCMG Brazil. And gaining FINAME accreditation gives XCMG a competitive edge expanding local market share, as major bidding projects favor FINAME products and governmental policies offer more protection to accredited companies. Moreover, customers buying these products enjoy lower interest rates from BNDES Bank,” said Li Qianjin, XCMG Brazil’s general manager.

XCMG’s brightest star at M&T was a FINAME accredited excavator. Equipped with Commins Brazil’s Tier 3 engine, a 0.72m³ bucket and an independently developed smart-control system, this machine offers advanced operational performance and 15% increased working efficiency. The first show of the company’s top-class mining truck also attracted visitors’ attention as it made its debut, highlighting its adaptability in complicated working conditions.

XCMG sees great market potential in Brazil after repeatedly conducting research into market conditions, and has been expanding into the Brazilian market since 2000. After 15 years’ dedication, XCMG has won the trust of local government and customers.

“It wasn’t easy establishing an international operating system, expanding our overseas market, establishing our brand image or tackling cultural and communication barriers, but XCMG did it in Brazil,” said Wang Yansong, Vice President of XCMG. Now the enterprise brings job opportunities to the country, makes huge tax contributions, produces quality products and drives rapid development of the local supply chain.

XCMG has showcased its brand recognition in Brazil by participating widely in infrastrcture construction, including twelve 2014 FIFA World Cup venues and 115 crane orders for the 2016 Rio Olympics.

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Carolina Li