XCMG’s Digitalized Manufacturing Base Releases its First Intelligent Loaders

XUZHOU, China, July 30, 2015 / PRNewswire — XCMG, the world’s fifth largest construction equipment company, releases its three-ton intelligent loader from its digitalized manufacturing base, allowing XCMG to supply state-of-the-art equipment to the world.

After%20coating XCMGs Digitalized Manufacturing Base Releases its First Intelligent Loaders

After coating by robots, components of XCMG’s products are automatically transported to various assembly lines via conveyers.

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The unmanned intelligent loader, from XCMG, realizes the comprehensive digitalization of remote operations and performs superbly in extreme conditions, especially when undergoing slag cleanups in the proximity of hyperthermia blast furnaces, improving efficiency and reducing risks to personnel.

XCMG’s digitalization dates back to 2008. “The considerations behind this strategy were to improve production efficiency, ensure high quality and provide friendly working conditions for our employees,” said Wang Min, XCMG’s president.

“XCMG understands that outstanding products can only be produced with advanced manufacturing equipment, and with an investment of 2 billion RMB we have established the world’s largest intelligent loader manufacturing base,” Wang Min explained, “it is of long-term strategic importance and practical significance to XCMG’s blueprint to produce higher quality products and offer better services.”

Currently, intelligent manufacturing has become a crucial step in customized production. Digitalization powers the base where all numerical control equipment is interconnected and fully-automated control is achieved in scanning, handing-over and transportation. As materials are transported by Automated Guided Vehicles, on conveying chains or in the air, they don’t touch the ground throughout the process, thus picking up zero scratches, retaining high quality.

Robots provide the main labor in the 220,000m2 manufacturing base. Welding, coating and steel plate cutting is completed by robots, improving working efficiency by 40-50%, preventing workers’ exposure to toxic substances and saving energy.

Besides loader, XCMG has managed to produce other products including excavators, cranes and concrete machinery using the intelligent manufacturing system.

From the distribution center, factories, to the manufacturing execution system, XCMG connects the whole supply chain. Quality and process inspection provides basic data for aftersales product services. Meanwhile, Customer Relationship Management is connected with the after sales system, creating an integral closed loop.

XCMG is currently promoting supply chain collaboration around the world. 1,800 companies within XCMG’s supply chain coordinate over production plans, invoices and production orders. These efforts provide faster and better services for global clients.

Soon, XCMG’s digitalized factories will be upgraded to smart factories where real-time manufacturing allows products to roll off the assembly line quicker, further improving efficiency and product quality.

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