Workplace dispute results in killing of two at Mercedes factory in Stuttgart

A workplace dispute between workers from Turkey in a politically tense environment resulted in the killing of two at the Mercedes factory in Stuttgart. One laid off worker shot two team leaders dead. The suspect was taken into custody, and the police started an investigation. A 53-year-old worker shot two team leaders who he entered into a quarrel with at the Mercedes factory in Sindelfingen, Baden-Württemberg in Germany. The suspect was caught shortly after.

Both who were killed were men and 44 years old.

While the police have not made any statement about the reason of the killings, the website of the Junge Freiheit newspaper wrote, based on voice messages received from some working at the factory, that the events started with a discussion between two "pro-Erdogan" team leaders at the factory and the suspect who is an Erdogan opponent. When the discussion turned into a fight, the suspect took out his gun and took eight shots at the two.

Cem Özdemir: "Horrible news"

Federal Minister of Agriculture and Greens politician with Turkish origin shared a tweet on the sade event. Özdemir wrote "How horrible news from #Sindelfingen. My thoughts are with the relatives of those who passed away. I wish quick recovery to those who were injured."

Was für schreckliche Nachrichten aus #Sindelfingen. Meine Gedanken sind bei den Angehörigen. Den Verletzten wünsche ich schnelle und gute Besserung.

Vielen Dank an alle beteiligten Einsatzkräfte ???? — Cem Özdemir (@cem_oezdemir) May 11, 2023

Yücel Özdemir, a correspondent of Evrensel newspaper, wrote that the events started with M.D. who is known as an opponent, showing a reaction to Özcan K. and Ayhan B. because his labor contract was not extended.

Mercedes: "Those involved were subcontractor workers"

Mercedes-Benz made a written statement about the event and stated that the workers killed and the worker who killed them were not Mercedes workers but were employed by a subcontractor providing them services.

"We were very sorry and deeply moved by the tragic news that came from Sindelfingen this morning," said the company.

Stuttgart Prosecutor: "No clear information on if there is a political dimension"

Evrensel has also talked to the spokesperson of the Stuttgart Prosecutor's Office who said that the event was being investigated in all respects and that a 53-year-old person was taken into custody.

The spokesperson told the daily that there is yet no clear information on if there is a political dimension to the killings. The prosecutor's office will be making a more detailed announcement later.

Production stopped totally in the department of the factory where the event took place. The workers of the noon shift were sent to their houses

Source: English Bianet