We must resist oblivion, says Cyprus Presidency for the Pontic genocide

We support the just struggle of the Pontic Hellenism for international recognition of this heinous crime, in order to restore historical truth and international lawfulness, the Cyprus Presidency says in a statement on today's anniversary of the Genocide of Pontic Hellenism.

The Presidency says that the sacred flame of memory and national consciousness must be kept alive.

It is added that today, May 19, 2023, 104 years after the genocide of the Pontic Greeks, we keep alive the memory of the 353,000 victims, but also of the savage uprooting of those who managed to escape the massacre.

The Presidency says that the violent extermination and uprooting of Pontic Hellenism from its ancestral homes, was a premeditated crime of the Young Turks movement.

Nicosia calls on the international community to unequivocally condemn acts of heinous barbarism, such as the systematic extermination of innocent civilians, so that similar crimes against humanity never happen again.

Source: Cyprus News Agency