Voting has started

The voting started in Turkey's presidential and parliamentary elections. The total number of voters in the country and abroad is 64 million, 113 thousand, and 941. Voting has started for the presidential and parliamentary elections in Turkey at 08:00 this morning.

The voting will last until 17:00 pm. today.

191 thousand and 884 ballot boxes have been set up under 1094 election councils in 973 districts throughout the country.

The total number of voters in the country and abroad is 64,113,941.

4,904,672 of the voters in the country will be voting for the first time. The number of convicted and arrested in prisons who have the right to vote is 53 thousand and 172.

The voters will be submitting their identity cards carrying the Republic of Turkey identity number, or another official identity/document proving their identity such as a passport, driving license, etc. to the chair of the balloting committee chair and tell her/his electroral sequence number. The voters who cannot present one of the valid identity documents will not be able to cast a vote

Source: English Bianet