Vote for Liberal Democracy, NCEF Urges Nigerians (allAfrica.com)

Leaders of the National Christian Elders Forum (NCEF) have called on Nigerians to vote for liberal democracy that guarantees level playing ground for adherents of every religion and not dual ideology sympathisers, who give preferential treatment to one religion over and above others.
The body made the call at the weekend ahead of the forthcoming elections, advising Nigerians to vote for a national ethic that promotes national unity and national integration with the common law made up of the “reducible minimums” of all religions and culture inspired by the golden rule: “Do unto others as you will want them to do unto you.”
This was contained in a statement issued by the chairman of NCEF, Solomon Asemota (SAN), in Benin, Edo State, on Saturday in which the group enjoined Nigerians to vote for the survival of Christianity and any other religion that exists in Nigeria. The group insisted that victory of a party that respects liberal democracy will give advocates of this ideology time to continue the liberation struggle and consolidate liberal democracy both in “our books, our psyche and in our socio-political life.”
According to NCEF, “Vote against an insidious agenda of the Sharialisation and Islamisation of Nigeria as hatched by Saudi Arabia, OIC, Islam in Africa Organisation and D8 nations, in collaboration with willing cronies in Nigeria. Vote for the survival of Christian values, which accommodate the interest of all, irrespective of religious and ethnic affiliations by its irrevocable commitment to principles of fairness, justice, respect for the dignity and inviolability of human life, respect for the family as cradle of civilization.”