US proposes joint Iran military planning with Israel: Report

The US recently proposed joint military planning with Israel concerning Iran, according to a report published Wednesday. Israel, however, has reacted standoffishly with concerns that the plan could be used to 'tie Israel's hands' from taking unilateral action against Tehran if Washington objects to an attack, the Axios news website reported, citing three US and Israeli officials. The offer is "not about planning any kind of joint U.S.-Israeli strike against Iran's nuclear program,' one US official told Axios. Another US official denied the offer was intended to constrain Israeli action. The proposal was laid out during a recent visit to Israel by the US' top military brass, including Joint Chiefs Chairman Gen. Mark Milley, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and CENTCOM commander Gen. Erik Kurilla. One anonymous senior Israeli official said Israel did not reject the idea but sought clarification as to what it meant in practice, including whether it would extend to joint operations. Pentagon spokesperson Lt. Col. Phillip Ventura told Axios that Defense Department leaders 'have made repeated public statements regarding our interest in expanding military cooperation with the Israeli Defense Forces, to include by increasing joint participation in military training exercises in order to improve interoperability and promote a common understanding of regional security challenges."

Source: Anadolu Agency