Turkey elections: K?l?çdaro?lu close to victory in first round, poll suggests

Three days into Turkey's dual elections, a prominent pollster suggests that the main opposition candidate is poised for victory in the first round.

Kemal Kiliçdaroglu, candidate of the Nation's Alliance, would secure 49.3% of the votes if the undecided votes, currently at 7.8%, are distributed proportionally, according to the KONDA poll released today. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, would receive only 43.7% of the votes.

Oversaes votes were not taken into consideration.

According to KONDA, the alliance ratios are as follows:

People's Alliance: 44.0%

Nation Alliance: 39.9%

Labour and Freedom Alliance: 12.3%

The distribution of votes for parties within the alliances is as follows:

People's Alliance:

Justice and Development Party (AKP): 35

Nationalist Movement Party (MHP): 8

Other: 1

Nation Alliance:

Republican People's Party (CHP): 27.3%

Good Party (IYI Party): 12.4%

Other: 0.2%

Labour and Freedom Alliance:

Green Left Party (Yesil Sol Party): 10.5%

Turkey Workers Party (TIP): 1.8%

Other parties: 3.8%

Other candidates in the presidential race, Muharrem Ince has a 2.2% vote rate, while Sinan Ogan has a 4.8% vote rate.

The study was conducted face-to-face in households with 3,480 people in 194 neighborhoods and villages in 120 districts affiliated with 35 provinces between May 6-7, 2023.

The votes of overseas voters were not taken into account.

The margin of error in the findings of the KONDA research is +/- 1.7% at a 95% confidence interval and +/- 2.2% at a 99% confidence interval.

The quarterly rates of Kemal Kiliçdaroglu, the Presidential candidate of the Nation Alliance, were also announced in the results after his candidacy was announced.

Source: English Bianet