Transitions: Sindhi singer Sadiq Faqir dies in road accident in Saudi Arabia (The Express Tribune (Pakistan))

Renowned Sindhi singer Sadiq Faqir died in a road accident in Saudi Arabia, where he went to perform Umrah, on Thursday. He was 48.
According to family sources, his wife, four children and cousins were injured in the accident.
Faqir held a postgraduate in Sindhi literature and had several Sindhi music albums to his credit.
At a time when the trend of copying Indian songs in Sindhi was prevalent in Sindh, he created his own music,” said Taj Joyo, secretary Sindhi Language Authority.
The late singer sung the poetry of great poets such as Shah Bhitai, Sachal Sarmast, Shaikh Ayaz, Ustaad Bukhari, Shemsher Hyderi, Bedil Bewas and Imdad Hussaini, among others.
He always selected his lyrics from the poetry of the sublime among the poets,” says Naseer Mirza, director Radio Pakistan and a connoisseur of music and literature.