Taking leadership development to the next level in the Middle East and North Africa

DUBAI, United Arab Emirates, June 9, 2015 / PRNewswire — The Leadership Circle is now entering the Middle East and North Africa. Bill Adams, the CEO, stated, “We have had good experiences here. Our global clients have run programs with us involving executives in the region, and in recent years, a small group of experienced coaches and consultants have used our methods here.”

Bob%20Anderson Taking leadership development to the next level in the Middle East and North Africa

Bob Anderson, Nicolai Tillisch, and Bill Adams introduce exciting leadership development opportunities to the Middle East and North Africa through The Leadership Circle.

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“The performance of a business can never exceed the effectiveness of its leadership over time. The way most organizations develop leaders, and Western leadership theorists are much to blame, overemphasizes skills and actions while ignoring the underlying consciousness that is shaping how leaders actually show up,” noted Bob Anderson, the founder and chairman of The Leadership Circle. This issue is highly relevant in the rich Gulf countries. International corporations have steadily expanded their regional activities here and face a multicultural environment like nowhere else, while the local economies need the capabilities to transform themselves from being based on fossil fuels by building first and foremost on human capital.

Anderson has reached insights through extensive studies, linking competences and the beliefs of leaders with their effectiveness and performance as leaders. To date, over 60,000 leaders have completed his Leadership Circle Profile with its 360-degree feedback from an average of 10 colleagues and other stakeholders. Another version of his tool is used to assess and develop the leadership culture in boards, management teams or entire organizations. Some of the most admired companies in the world are applying this leadership development approach.

Nicolai Tillisch, the new regional partner of the Leadership Circle, observes, “The need for leadership development strongly outweighs the supply of coaches and consultants who understand the region’s unique environment and can seriously help leaders grow and perform.” Tillisch is a coach himself, but he may be better known as the author of the book Effective Business in the Gulf. Earlier in his career, he built sizeable service-oriented businesses for large international corporations after starting his career as a consultant for McKinsey & Company.

The Leadership Circle offers breakthrough tools and it supports the leadership development of professionals so that they become more effective, individually and collectively, in the leadership of their organizations. This translates directly into improved business performance.

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