SYZ Asset Management: OYSTER Absolute Return ranked Nr 1 in the Netherlands over 3 years

GENEVA, May 21, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — OYSTER Absolute Return EUR EUR2, a sub-fund of the OYSTER SICAV registered in the Netherlands, was ranked best fund in the Netherlands over 3 years by Lipper in the “Absolute Return EUR Low” category. The OYSTER SICAV is a Luxembourg domiciled UCITS managed by SYZ Asset Management (Luxembourg) SA. This accolade underlines the breadth of winning strategies offered by SYZ Asset Management, which is already well-known for its European equities franchise. The European Corporate Bonds and Dynamic Allocation funds managed by SYZ Asset Management have also received several awards in Europe in the past years.

Maximizing return with limited risk
In today’s record-low interest rates environment, OYSTER Absolute Return EUR provides investors with a compelling alternative to their bond allocation and offers a low-risk building block in their absolute return portfolio. With a strong focus on risk control, the strategy invests in an allocation of traditional asset classes (cash, bonds, equities, derivatives), as well as in a diversified and liquid alternative investment bucket (maximum 10%). OYSTER Absolute Return EUR has been managed since inception by SYZ Asset Management’s Multi-Asset investment team headed by Fabrizio Quirighetti, responsible for the overall asset allocation and the top-down preferences in the fixed income and equity buckets.

The objective of the fund is to maximize returns within a definite risk budget of 2% monthly VaR (95%) or a targeted volatility below 3.5%, through a dynamic asset allocation. While the overall asset allocation is pretty stable due to tight and disciplined risk budgeting, the buckets are actively managed. The investment approach is comprehensive, transparent, with a focus on liquidity and capital preservation.

<<Our absolute return strategy can be seen as an unconstrained bond portfolio with a limited equity “spice”. We have adopted a holistic, pragmatic and opportunistic approach that places the highest emphasis on capital preservation. Our very senior and stable investment team is a strong factor in the consistency of our results.>> commented Fabrizio Quirighetti, CIO and responsible for the overall asset allocation.

Expertise in a wide range of strategies
Already well known for its European equities franchise, SYZ Asset Management demonstrates with these awards its strong expertise outside the pure equity universe. Indeed, the European Corporate Bonds and Dynamic Allocation strategies managed by SYZ Asset Management have also received several awards in Europe in the past years.

<< We are particularly proud of this award as it recognizes our philosophy of active and opportunistic management focused on performance, across a wide range of high added value strategies >> commented Xavier Guillon, CEO of OYSTER Funds.

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Note to editors

About SYZ
Founded in Geneva in 1996, the Swiss banking group SYZ focuses exclusively on high-end wealth management and institutional asset management. The Group manages CHF 29 billion (EUR 28 bn) of client assets with 440 employees. In addition to the Bank’s headquarters in Geneva, the Group also has offices in Switzerland in Zurich, Lugano, Locarno and internationally in Milan, Madrid, London, Edinburgh, Brussels, Luxembourg, Paris, Nassau, Dubai and Hong Kong.

About OYSTER Funds
OYSTER is SYZ’s investment fund family, designed to address the specific needs of a professional client base. With a strong focus on performance, this Luxembourg SICAV comprises nearly 30 sub-funds and is currently registered and distributed in various European and Asian countries through a vast distribution network. In order to generate a first-rate performance for its informed and demanding client base, SYZ rigorously selects specialists to manage its OYSTER funds, through a combination of internal and external fund managers.

About SYZ Asset Management
All of the Group’s institutional asset management business, covering both traditional and alternative strategies, is integrated in SYZ Asset Management, which provides investment solutions to institutional investors such as pension funds, insurance companies, corporations and investment funds. SYZ Asset Management meets clients expectations in terms of institutional management and customer service through proprietary resources in economic research, financial analysis, portfolio management and risk management.


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Oyster SICAV is an open-ended multi-fund investment company established and regulated in Luxembourg. Copies of the SICAV’s current Prospectus and Key Investor Information Document can be obtained from SYZ Asset Management (Luxembourg) SA. Instructions to purchase or redeem shares of any class available to UK Investors can also be placed with them. Past performance is not a guide to the future, and the value of investments can fall over time as well as rise. An investment in sub-funds of Oyster SICAV involves risks that are more fully described in the Prospectus. The content of this media release is provided solely for information purposes and constitutes neither a recommendation to buy or sell. Always consider taking independent investment advice from a person properly authorised and regulated prior to investing.

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