?stanbul, Ankara mayors claim K?l?çdaro?lu ahead of Erdo?an

The Mayors of the Istanbul and Ankara Metropolitan Municipalities pointed out that two thirds of the votes have been counted. While Turkey is waiting for the results of the historical May 14 elections, Istanbul and Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayors who reacted strongly to the first results announced by the Anadolu Agency and call it a "manupulation" were in front of the cameras this evening for the third time.

They pointed out that 10 million votes have not yet been counted which corresponds to 20 percent of the total votes.

The two mayors said, "Please continue to incline your ears to us. When the ratio of ballot boxes counted exceeds 85%, the Erdogan votes will start to drop sharply. Please do not allow them to demoralize you. Do not believe them when they say that they have won the elections."

"We see that the opposition has received the highest vote ever."

"With the current data, our president has 49 percent of the votes and Recep Tayyip Erdogan 45 percent."

"We observe that there are gatherings in some squares, you are deceiving our nation. it is a pity.

"The Turkey volunteers should continue their duty."

In a statement less than an hour later, the mayors said Kiliçdaroglu's voting rate was at 47 percent and Erdogan'S was at 45 percent, with two thirds of the votes counted

Source: English Bianet