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 Safe Travel 
Safe Travel Guide for Women is a collection of tips that that women can use in order to have a much more enjoyable and  safe travel whenever they travel abroad. Safe travel is always on top of our agenda for our clients at  Travel that Matters.
Wheatear it is for business or pleasure, you will see that more and more women are now traveling all over the world. You have to remember that in other parts of the world, women are viewed as weak and are unable to defend themselves, leaving  safe travel a concern.
Our #1 tip in safe travel is that you should always do your research first on the country you plan to travel. Remember that not all countries are the same in regards to culture. Some countries are culturally conservative and will have dress codes that everyone should follow. Always familiarize yourself on the laws and customs of the place you wish to go to. Ignorance of the law excuses no one even if you are a tourist. At  Travel that Matters, we do all of the research for you.

Safe Travel that Matters

If you travel Saudi Arabia, you have to remember that tourists here and even women were apprehended by the police for being improperly dressed. You have to remember that Islamic nations tend to be very conservative especially around women. For safe travel, never do obscene postures when traveling to unknown places.  Travel that Matters is aware that in some countries, it is even illegal to invite people of the opposite sex in your hotel room. And, only married couples are allowed to stay in the same hotel room.  Safe travel is not as simple as you would think.
At  Travel that Matters, we love to make a statement in fashion, but we have to think about our safe travel. You have to remember that what may be casual wear for you may be seen as provocative or inappropriate in other countries. When it comes to  safe travel, remember you can never go wrong with jeans and t-shirt that covers most of your body, which is a better option than skirts if you need to run or defend yourself.
With safe travel, it is always a good idea to blend in with the public.  Travel that Matters suggest buying a local dress and wearing it to give other peoples the impression that you are a local and is familiar with the country.
If you want a more secure way whenever you are getting around the country, always arm yourself for safe travel. Today, you will see a lot of safety devices available for sale in the market and can be brought along legally. An example would be pepper sprays, where if sprayed on the assailant’s face, it will temporarily blind them and also disable them for 5 to 6 minutes, which is enough for you to run away and get help. You can also try getting a stun gun which has an electrostatic voltage charge. Again, Travel that Matters researches these laws for you to ensure your  safe travel.
For safe travel in unfamiliar surroundings, always be alert. It is recommended that you should never carry your wallet in your back pocket. Always carry it in the front or side pockets and keep your hands in there. You have to remember that some places are notorious for pickpockets and there are even places where children working with adults can slash your pants with a blade and get the contents of that pocket.  Travel that Matters will always put your safe travel first.
These are some of the tips for  safe travel that you should always remember. You have to remember that as a woman, you will be much more vulnerable to attacks. By  Travel that Matters always planning ahead, we are sure that you will be able to have a more enjoyable vacation. And remember, with  Travel that Matters, safe travel is always first.

Are you ready to see someplace new, but you don’t have anyone to go with and you don’t want to go alone?

Do you need a break from your busy (or boring) life to remember what makes YOU interesting?
Is it time to try something different and challenge yourself in new ways?
Are you excited to be more than a typical tourist?
Does the idea of traveling with a group of like-minded women sound comforting to you?

If you answered “YES!” to any of these questions, you’re ready for a journey with Travel That Matters.

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