Ramos Officially Launches Its First Smartphone Onemos MOS1

SHENZHEN, China, July 27, 2015 / PRNewswire — Fearless,beyond the infinite — 2015 Ramos Smartphone New Product Launch Event held in Beijing on July 13, 2015, Ramos officially launched its first smartphone, the Onemos MOS1. The smartphone maker announced at the conference that the product would become available simultaneously online and offline in early August. The phone will be available in three colors: champagne gold, moonlight silver and metal gray. Apart from the MOS1, Ramos also revealed that it would soon follow up with another new product, the MOS1Max.

The Smartphone, jointly launched with BYD, adopts the original five-edged crystal metal frame, a structure based on a process requiring 208 complex procedures including CNC, nano-molding, anodizing, sand blasting, among many other steps, to form a five-edged intermediate frame with tolerances not exceeding 0.01 mm, with a circle holding a square and a square hold a circle, in order to achieve the perfect feel when held in one’s hand.

The front and back of the Onemos MOS1 are both made with double 2.5D curved glass, the Corning Gorilla Glass 3, a material generally reserved for flagship products. The fusion of the metal intermediate frame and the double 2.5D glass was achieved without the need for any plastic intermediary. The buttons on the Onemos MOS1 were designed so that the pressure needed to tap the button on the Onemos MOS1 is 2.4 Newtons, the ideal feel for user-friendliness. The phone come with a 1.9mm ultra-narrow gold frame and 6.6mm ultra-thin metal intermediate frame.

The Onemos MOS1 is configured with a 5.5-inch 1080P GFF AHVA genuine color screen, at 401 ppi – a level of definition at which the human retina no longer notices the pixels. A Qualcomm 64bit true 8-core high-performance, low-consumption processor ensures high speed and smooth operation. The device is equipped with 32GB ultra-high capacity storage, 2GB RAM and works with both TD-LTE and FDD-LTE double 4G systems.

The Onemos MOS1 comes with a BYD 3050mAh super safe battery. By optimizing the power management algorithm, the battery life of the complete device is 20 percent longer than an ordinary battery of equivalent weight. The Qualcomm QC2.0 quick charging technology assures at least 15% of the full recharge is restored within 10 minutes. As for the photographic functions, the MOS1 is equipped with a rear 13 million-pixel stack-type lens and front-facing 5 million-pixel real-time lopicca camera with an F/2.0 super aperture capable of instant focus within 3 seconds.

The MOUI 1.0 that comes with the phone, based on the Android 5.0 system yet with further optimization, features the concept of “zero pre-installation”, meaning that the phone is not pre-installed with any third-party software that is, for most users, of no use and just an encumbrance, respecting users’ right of choice. More than 3,000 details have been optimized which serves to keep the functionality simple and the handset easy to use while enhancing the aesthetics.

Ramos seeks partners in Southeast Asia, Europe and South America.

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