Photo Release — NGFF Opens Tri-Branded Store

Restaurant Operator Creates Next Generation Food Court for Global Expansion

TORONTO, June 18, 2015 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Following the success of Rose City Kitchen on Queen West, NGFF Holdings Inc.’s CEO Nipun Sharma launches a tri-branded restaurant at the forefront of Toronto’s gourmet food movement. After the grand opening of all three concepts on April 20th, NGFF plans to globally expand in the next year with concepts powered on long-term food trends in the quick service restaurant industry.

Nipun%20Sharma Photo Release    NGFF Opens Tri Branded Store

Nipun Sharma.

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With over a dozen years of experience creating and operating restaurant brands, Nipun Sharma has quickly established himself as a major competitor in the food industry with the launch of NGFF. An acronym for Next Generation Fast Food, this multi-faceted business platform includes Rose City Kitchen, Smash Juice Bar and Clockwork Coffee. At the heart of this tri-branded store, Sharma has built a restaurant incubator with three critical ingredients to qualify: gourmet food, elegant design, and an engaging cooking process. “We may not cook at home as much as previous generations, but we certainly know significantly more about food trends, ingredients and cooking styles via TV shows, social media and food trucks,” Sharma explains. Accordingly, NGFF delivers on all these key elements to the ever-discerning customers via this next generation food court concept, where brands don’t compete, but complement each other with their distinct offerings.

Voted one of Toronto’s best restaurants in 2014, Rose City Kitchen offers a contemporary Middle-Eastern experience, with fresh breads off a wood fire oven, grilled meats, gourmet sauces, pickles and slaw. Clockwork Coffee is a premium espresso and pour-over concept where coffee beans are carefully sourced and roasted. Smash Juice Bar is a 360 wellness concept for mind and body offering cold-pressed juices, sparkling probiotic beverages, vegan and fermented foods, and edible body creams and scrubs. “It’s amazing how all three brands perfectly compliment one another,” Sharma explains. “You start your morning with a flavourful pour-over coffee at Clockwork, come back for a gourmet Middleterranean sandwich lunch at RCK, and grab a cold-pressed juice or book a cleanse on the way back to the office.”

NGFF’s best in-class support systems for multi-market expansion is punctuated by next generation social media marketing and PR to ensure resonation with millennials. With a cross-platform strategy to capture significant share within the wider foodservice industry, it’s clear that this is just the beginning for NGFF’s expansion into new markets including the launch of several other brands currently under development.

Located in the heart of the Financial District at 36 Toronto Street, the 2,200 square foot tri-branded food court includes a common seating area and street-level view of Adelaide, one block East of Yonge. Sharma has individual and grouped expansion plans for all the concepts to best respond to the real estate opportunities in key areas. With this in mind, NGFF has generated significant attention from franchisees and area developers from across Canada, the United States and the Middle East.

About NGFF: NGFF Inc. is a multifaceted business platform rooted in Next Generation Fast Foodservices. Having launched multi-concept stores powered on the principles of long-term trends in the restaurant industry, NGFF is built on gourmet ingredients, elegant branding and engaging cooking process. Rose City Kitchen (, Smash Juice Bar ( and Clockwork Coffee ( are brands created by Nipun Sharma, founder and CEO of NGFF Holdings. Additionally, NGFF is set to launch a pan Asian concept in 2016, and has also created a next generation Food Delivery App currently undergoing beta testing.

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