Nuclear deal (Daily Times (Pakistan))

Sir: Iran and the world’s powerful countries have concluded a nuclear agreement. This is meant to be a peaceful exchange of safe nuclear technology. The eleven years of imposed economic sanctions against Iran would be lifted after the 60 days of Congress procedure. Iran would have hundreds of billions of dollars at its disposal as a result of this deal. Most importantly, it would be able to play a major role in the Middle East and the US would establish a normal relationship with Iran. Saudi Arabia and Israel are not happy and called the deal a historic mistake. Every thoughtful Pakistani knows that Pakistan is paying a heavy price due to its policy of appeasing the Gulf states for religious and economic interests. Pakistan should revisit its Middle East policy keeping in view its national interest. Pakistan and Iran, to a great extent, have a common culture and democratic credentials. Pakistan should now complete the Iran-Pakistan natural gas pipeline project that would solve the energy crisis faced by this country. I suggest that the President and Prime Minister visit Iran as soon as possible to participate in the joyous emotion of the people of Iran that have sorrowfully been enduring hardships since the past eleven years at least.