New Mexico gunman who killed 3 in random shooting identified as high school student

Beau Wilson, 18, a high school student, was behind an armed attack in the US state of New Mexico that killed three people and injured six others, Farmington police said Wednesday in a statement. Deputy Chief of Police Baric Crum said Wilson fired at least 150 bullets on a street using three semi-automatic guns. He said the number of bullets could increase as the investigation is ongoing. A 97-year-old woman was among those killed, according to the statement. The others who were 79 and 73 years old. All three deceased were women, said the statement. Police noted that there is no evidence that the suspect did not know anyone he shot and his motivation for the attack is still unknown. Multiple officers from the Farmington Police Department engaged Wilson in Farmington, who was killed at the scene.

Source: Anadolu Agency