Nawaz's 'behaviour' (Dawn (Pakistan))

NAWAZ Sharif’s behaviour during his current stint in power, dashing off on foreign tours even at times of a crisis, shows he still isn’t taking his responsibilities to the nation seriously enough.
A couple of weeks back, he had again gone for Umrah. Somebody should tell him that the rights of the people (HuqooqulIbad) are more important than Huqooqullah, much less fulfilling a nafl (nonobligatory) worship, especially when he would have performed these pilgrimages many times during his exile to Saudi Arabia. The things the gentleman appears to be really serious about are apparently expanding his business empire and making the Sharif dynasty virtual monarchs of the land.
Other rulers of the recent past were probably worse.
Pakistanis should have mercy on themselves and ensure such leaders don’t ever come to power again.