? minute’s silence by Cyprus House in memory of the victims of Pontian genocide

The Plenary of the Cyprus Parliament observed a minute's silence in the afternoon, in memory of the victims of the Pontian genocide.

House of Representatives President Annita Demetriou said that May 19 is Pontic Genocide Remembrance Day, in memory of the 353,000 Pontic Greeks who were exterminated by the Young Turks movement and the uprooting of Pontic Hellenism from its ancestral homes.

Demetriou recalled that the Cyprus Parliament passed a resolution in May 1994 and officially recognised May 19 as a day of remembrance of the Pontic genocide, condemning this heinous crime.

She said that as a country which has experienced invasion, occupation and ethnic cleansing, we continue to support the universal restoration of historical truth and the moral justification of the global Pontic Hellenism.

Source: Cyprus News Agency