Mecca conference seeks to define terrorism (Al-Shorfa)

The Global Islamic Counter-Terrorism Conference, set to open in Saudi Arabia on Sunday (February 22nd), will seek to agree on a clear definition of terrorism, Saudi Arabia’s Okaz daily reported Thursday.
Conference participants will discuss the root causes of terrorism and will formulate a comprehensive plan to combat it, said Muslim World League secretary general Abdullah bin Abdul Mohsen al-Turki.
“Ministers, muftis, scholars and researchers from all countries, as well as people who have lived the counter-terrorism experience, especially from the kingdom, which has practical experience that can be benefited from in confronting terrorism, will take part in the event,” al-Turki said at a press conference.
“An initial comprehensive plan is hoped to be drawn up about practical counter-terrorism efforts,” he added. “The conference will identify the features of that plan and who will implement it.”
The conference will examine the concept of terrorism, religious causes of terrorism, social and economic causes, educational, cultural and media causes, terrorism and regional and global interests and the impact of terrorism, he said.