K?l?çdaro?lu says won’t be intimidated by pro-Erdo?an ‘paramilitary groups’

The opposition candidate has once again raised concerns about the potential involvement of "paramilitary groups," who he claims may resort to violence in the event that Erdogan loses the election. Presidential candidate Kemal Kiliçdaroglu has released a video on his social media accounts in which he accused pro-government "paramilitary groups" of trying to intimidate him with threats.

In the video, Kiliçdaroglu claimed that the groups are part of a larger scheme involving the theft of billions of dollars from the Turkish people by the current government.

"These paramilitary remnants are only a small part of a larger picture. Actually, there is only one thing at the root of everything. Money, lots of money, money they will never be satisfied with", he remarked.

The said groups, whose existence have neither been confirmed nor denied, have been a source of concern for opposition politicians, who fear that they may be used to create chaos if President Recep Tayyip Erdogan loses Sunday's elections.

Kiliçdaroglu previously warned his supporters against taking to the streets on election night to celebrate his win, in anticipation of potential violence.

"Theft of billions of dollars"

Kiliçdaroglu also accused the current government of being complicit in the theft of billions of dollars from the people by criminal gangs.

"During this government's term, these gangs stole from the people. The mafia, drug barons, and other criminal groups stole 418 billion dollars," he said.

The opposition candidate went on to warn the armed groups that he would not be intimidated, saying, "You fools, you scoundrels, you idiots, you wretches, you jackals. Do you think you can scare me? I would rather die standing than live on my knees before you."

Kiliçdaroglu's video comes in the wake of comments made by Erdogan, who has accused the opposition candidate of being supported by terrorists.

In a speech in early May, Erdogan warned that his "nation will not hand over the power to you if you are elected by the support of terrorists," addressing Kiliçdaroglu. The reference to terrorists was believed to be aimed at the Kurdish issue-focused Green Left Party.

The election on Sunday is expected to be a close race between Kiliçdaroglu, candidate of the Nation's Alliance, and Erdogan, with tensions running high in the lead up to the polls.

Source: English Bianet