Joe Fresh and Aldo Group team up to produce line of footwear (Financial Post)

TORONTO – Loblaw Co says its Joe Fresh clothing business will be offering a line of footwear under a global licence agreement with Aldo Group.
Joe Fresh is looking to expand and improve its shoe assortment through the deal with Aldo Group shoes for the design and production of all Joe Fresh’s footwear, which until recently was designed in-house. Those shoes will be introduced in spring of 2016.
“[Aldo] has relationships with many other retailers and brands, and that led me to them,” Joe Fresh president Mario Grauso, told the Financial Post in mid-March. “I really admire what they do in this price point. It is very hard to do value oriented footwear now.”
Loblaw will debut a larger family footwear department in 54 Joe Fresh stores next year as it moves to expand more aggressively into the discount footwear business, and the locations are also being refreshed to have a bigger baby and kids’ departments.
Aldo Group operates more than 1,800 stores in 93 countries, including Canada, while its product services division provides private label products for fashion and retail partners.
Joe Fresh is part of Loblaw’s diversification beyond its traditional grocery business. The brand was launched in 2006 and has grown to include clothing, accessories, footwear and cosmetics.
In addition to Loblaw stores, Joe Fresh products can be found in standalone stores, J.C. Penney and online. The company has also opened stores in South Korea, Saudi Arabia and Egypt with local partners.With files from the Canadian Press