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Inflation, healthcare system remain top concerns for Britons

Inflation and the healthcare system remained the primary concerns among Britons, according to the latest findings from a survey conducted by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) on Friday.

Respondents cited the cost of living and the National Health Service (NHS) as their most pressing worries, with other key issues including the economy and climate change also garnering substantial attention.

An overwhelming 91% of respondents identified the cost of living as their top concern.

Rising inflation rates and the subsequent impact on household budgets have fueled fears among the British public.

The annual consumer price inflation rate in the UK still remains above 10%.

Closely following the cost of living, 82% of those surveyed expressed their apprehensions regarding the NHS.

The strain on the healthcare system, exacerbated by the COVID-19 pandemic, has highlighted the need for improved accessibility, quality, and timely delivery of healthcare services.

The economy also emerged as a significant concern, with 73% of respondents expressing worry. The ongoing impact of the pandemic, coupled with uncertainties surrounding Brexit, has cast a shadow of doubt over the country's financial stability and future prospects.

Climate change and the environment also garnered attention from 59% of participants, reflecting growing awareness of the urgent need for sustainable practices.

Source: Anadolu Agency